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When selecting air conditioners for an education environment it is essential to consider the size and layout of the room. The system design must provide gentle balanced cooling and heating. Noise is also a factor for consideration so there is minimal diistraction to the class.

Advance Air has an education department vendor number and the necessary working with children clearances.
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If you are struggling to find the best air conditioning solution for your factory or warehouse you need to speak to one of our fully trained Commercial air conditioning consultants on the best solution that will be individually designed and installed to suit your needs.


Whether it's a retro fit of an existing system or a brand new installation you can be sure that our experienced team will tailor a solution to suit your budget and ensure trouble free operation for many years.

Keeping your staff cool in the summer and warm in the winter is one way to keep your team comfortable and motivated. Advance Air understands that all offices are different and we ensure that we design and install the system to suit your exact requirements, guaranteeing that all workers and visitors feel comfortable.
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Air Conditioner Design Service
Our commercial consultants can assist you in determining the best type of air conditioning to suit your environment. Whether it's a single level or multi storey, a system design and installation for your application can be quickly implemented. We offer the complete set of services designed to keep a commercial air conditioning system working perfectly for years.
When you service your air conditioning system regulary it keeps it running at optimum efficiency, saving you money and extending the life of your air conditioner unit. By servicing your air conditioner unit regularly it reduces the chance of unexpected and inconvenient break downs. At Advance Air we strongly encourage our customers to perform scheduled regular preventative maintenance so we can identify small problems and address them before they become big problems requiring costly repairs.
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